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TE - Structural Technology 

The Structural Technology (TE) group is recognised both  nationally and internationally because of  the quality and quantity of its scientific and technical activity. The group develops both theoretical and applied research in the field of civil engineering and building structures. The focus is on structural analysis, design, construction and assessment. This feature bridges the gap between academic and professional worlds in the fields of civil and building engineering, shedding properly the developed knowledge.  The main research areas of the group are:


  • Analysis and design of concrete, steel and masonry structures.
  • Structural technology and materials
  • Design of large scale concrete and steel structures

MATCAR - Materials de Construcció i Carreteres

GRIC - Grup de Recerca i Innovació de la Construcció

GIOPACT - Grup de recerca d'Igualtat d'Oportunitats en l'Arquitectura, la Ciència i la Tecnologia
MECMAT - Mecànica i Nanotecnologia de Materials d'Enginyeria


last modified : March 2010
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